Archiprix Chile

La red de Archiprix...

Archiprix Netherlands
Since 1980 the Dutch Archiprix foundation organizes the presentation of the best graduation projects in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. The prize aims to find and show the best new talented designers, in order to promote their entry into the professional world. This way clients and employers are presented with a carefully selected reservoir of young design talent. Besides that, Archiprix has a quality improving effect on Dutch architecture education because schools are in a permanent state of competition. Archiprix also gives insight into trends and tendencies in Dutch design education.Archiprix Netherlands organizes on a yearly basis the juryreview, award ceremony, exhibition, website and publication (published by 010 publishers) of the best Dutch graduation projects.

Archiprix Türkiye
Since 1996 the Archiprix Türkiye presnts the best Turkisch graduation projects. In 2003 Archiprix Türkiye was the co-organizer of the Archiprix International Istanbul 2003.

Archiprix International
The Dutch Archiprix foundation started in 2001 the Archiprix International as an experiment. All schools worldwide in the fields of architecture, urban design and/or landscape architecture are invited to select their best graduation project for participation. This initiative was a success from the start. Each edition takes place in a different country where the activities are organized in cooperation with a local partner. The submitted projects are reviewed by an independent jury. All participants ae invited to join the workshops, in exhibitions, a book and films the inspiring proposals of the world's best graduates are presented. The designers of the very best graduation projects receive a HunterDouglas Award at the award ceremony. After the first edion in Rotterdam (2001) the Archiprix International took place in Istanbul (2003), Glasgow (2005), Shanghai (2007), Montevideo (2009), Cambridge USA (2011) and Moscow (2013).

Archiprix Italia
Biannually the Archiprix Italia presents the best Italian graduation projects since 2008. The initiative was initiated on the occasion of the delayed Award Ceremony of the Archiprix International 2003 in Genoa.

Archiprix Chile ... coming soon
In Chile Carlos Castillo Cortés, who participated in the Archiprix Netherlands leads the activities of Archiprix Chile. The first edition takes place in 2013.

Archiprix Portugal .... coming soon
Together with Pedro Ressano Garcia, Francisco Adão da Fonseca (winner of the Archiprix netherlands) are organizing the Archiprix Portugal.

Archiprix Central Europe .... coming soon
From Ljubljana Lučka Ažman and Emiel Lamers (winner Archiprix Netherlands 2004) work towards a regional Archiprix, where schools from Slovenia and the region around can participate. Involving also countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary, 23 schools would get the opportunity to cooperate.  

The national Archiprix initiatives are stimulated and facilitated by the Dutch Archiprix foundation.