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River view, the shelter of the sleeping colossus.
River view, the shelter of the sleeping colossus.

Universidad de Chile

Celebratiing the naval identity of Valdivia
The idea of suspending a ship over a fragile structure by only drawing the energies that flow through the building are mind-blowing. The weight can be not only measured but also felt. The museum rescues and adds value to the Piloto Pardo Ship, the first ship constructed in Chile, which is in a state of deterioration and abandonment. The strategy to exhibit the ship is achieved by disassembling it into its four most important parts: Bow, Storage, Home, Machine. This makes it possible to show what is never seen from a ship: its interior, structure and intern functioning, its guts. Weight is of unquestionable relevance to architecture in Chile because it is one of the most seismic countries in the world. The project reveals the existence of the weight by suspending the ship over water. The architectonic weight (ship) is suspended by means of a fragile structure (floating dock) drawn by may vectors that transfer the ship’s forces to the water (floating foundation). Valdivia is the most important shipbuilding city in Chile. Nevertheless, there is no space that links the Valdivian community to its naval tradition and identity. The project proposes to show the community the constructive processes of building a ship by displaying a sectioned ship, having as its main objective the strengthening and development of the link between the city and its naval identity. There are no public fluvial spaces in Valdivia. The project responds to the need for such a space by making the river the main public space in the city, celebrating that fact with a building that provides a covered area for cultural and educational activities, and also activities related to navigation.